New Random Pics!!! =D

Hey!!! Here are a few new ones, that I was just playin' around with!! :) I LOVE the first one!!!! Because it's me and my Bff!! Well, hope you enjoy! Bye!

Krista and me collage

Flower with raindrops on them....it was gorgeous!!!

Charity with new technique....soo cute!! She's the only thing in color!!

Me with new technique!!



Random Pics!!! =D

Hey everybody!! I posted some of these pics on my other blog! I thought I could post them on here! I found a new thing on Picnik, so I had fun with that! Well, here ya are!! Hehe! Bye!! Enjoy!

Hannah and her dog Comet

Charity. Notice: she's the only thing color and so was Hannah.

A random pic

Fallish! Is that a word??

I really like this pic, if I posted it before then you really know I like it!!!!