Charity Photo Shoot 2

Hey there!! Here's the second part of Charity's photo shoot. :D She's such a cutie pie!!! =D I love her soo much if you can't tell :D My lil 'sis' and she's so photogenic..... she's the one that I'll use as my 'subject' for my photography! =) Well, I should go.... tell me what ya think now :D

Sooo cute! She kinda looks grown up here :'(

haha... cute! Hannah was talking to either her or me and she just looked soo cute. :D

Ooooh I LOVE this one I think that's one of my favs!!!



So cute! She's such a great lil poser b/c she'll not smile when she knows she shouldn't and it comes out GORGEOUS

One of the best!!!

haha yeah, that's Charity for ya. ;)

HAHA!!! Okay, this yellow dress was one of the dresses she wore when she was like 2!!! haha yeah it was kinda short... that's why she sat like that. :D

Pretty dress and she loves it!

Haha I LOVE that blue dress one of my fav dresses of hers

:D I think the colors went well.... what do you think?

One of the best again

She's soo cute. (Now this is makin me want to give another photo shoot.... anyone want one? ;) )

She's prayin that God will let Buddy, Mommy Mama, Josh Oppa, and Brookie Unni would stay in TX! :D She's cute

Looks like she's waitin for someone ;)


Photo Secret: Flower pens make great bouquets ;)

I LOVE how her hair was in this one :) That purple dress is one of my favs too

Sooo cute! 2nd to fav

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was just too cute!!

Hannah, Charity, and I fell in love with this dress!!!!! It was SOOO SOOO SOOOO cute

Soo adorable :) Hope you liked Charity's photo shoot. :D


Anonymous said...

Loved it!! She's very cute!

Brooke said...

Thanks..... yeah she is!!