Charity Photo Shoot Part 1

Hey there!!! Just as I promised from my post on Texas Chick..... here's the photos. :D:D:D I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. =) Anyway, some pics may seem a little different that's because I was using the Strickland's camera. :D It's an awesome camera too but I wasn't quite used to it. The pics still came out awesome! =) Charity and Hannah are part of the Strickland family. :D:D that's my other adopted family and they are the most amazing people in the world. Anyway, I used their camera because I had no idea we'd do a photo shoot of Charity.... that's how it started. (I woulda brought my camera but...... yeah) She was being too cute and I was like, "Hannah, lets give this monkey a photo shoot." =D Sooooo much fun. We took pictures for about three hours!!!! Sooo much fun. Charity then had to take a nap and then it was Hannah's turn :D I'll post those pics after Charity's (if I get working on them :P) Well, hope ya enjoy

I LOVE her shirt!!!! <3>

this one is SOOOOO cute!! It would have gone awesome in grass but it was like 100 degrees outside :P We would have all melted ;)

Soo adorable (she only changed her shirt and hairstyle)

now that's a cute look :P This is where it started.... even the outfit. After that the ideas started running through our heads and she changed........ ALOT

<3> Love that one. So the pics are scattered everywhere. This was the second time we gave her a photo shoot (I slept over at Hannah's like for the last few days we were there)



Soo cute

I love how the 'curtain' (haha) behind her was ruffled like that!!! soo cute!! <3> She's soo cute

LOVE that one

Adorable!! Again, it's ruffled behind her :D

I'll never tell my secrets of that photo shoot :P Only the Stricklands and I know them (Btw, look at her dress haha soo wrinkly)

I LOVE that pic!! Oh......I just love her!!!!

Nooo clue why it's so small.... this was her 'dress up' pic. she wore an old dress of Hannah's, Hannah's boots, Issy's necklace, her mom's old clip on earrings (boy we had fun with that), and I don't remember who's hat. :-/ I think it was hers; we had a blast with those pics though. :D

More will come soon!!! :D


Anonymous said...

Good job!! She's adorable. =)

Brooke said...

Thanks!! I know right??? She's SOO SOO SOO cute!!! I think she had the most pics done... Hannah came in close and Krista would have had alot of pics done but we went swimming and we couldn't go back to the photo shoot :-/