Hannah Dressy Pics (+ some of Charity)

Okay, so yesterday I fixed some extra ones of Charity... that's why there here. Hannah and I dressed up in Issy's bridesmaids dresses on the second day of the photo shoots. :D Hannah and I looked....... great :D :P Anyway, I'll post her other photo shoot pics soon. :D shorter post and it uploaded super fast! So I may post them today.... Idk. :D tell me what ya think :)

=D I fell in love with that red dress!! It was soooo pretty!! (Thank you Mrs. Strickland for taking these pics of us girlys)

Awwww Sisters.... now they really are sisters.. I'm the red headed sis :D Couldn't you tell the family resemblance from the pic above??? :P

She's so purty

That dress was huge on her... Just imagine me wearing it and it going all the way to the ankles... Hannah is shorter than me

Soo pretty

I LOVE this pic!!

Hannah Strickland, you're pretty :) You are <3
(More will come soon)


Anonymous said...

Good job! =) I like all of them.

Brooke said...

Thanks. :) I think I've had the prettiest 'subjects' for my photography :D