Hannah Photo Shoot

Hey! Sadly, I didn't take thousands of pics of her :( I feel bad bout that buuuut we had to quit sometime. :) We had a blast with just the two of us doing it!!! :D She's such a sweet person and I'm glad she's my 'sis'. I love ya Hannah!!! Lord willing, see ya in May ;) (I told ya so ;) )

HAHAHAHA!!!! that's Charity's 'phone'. Hannah and I really didn't care for that dress and the thing around her neck so we just goofed off!!

Soo purty


yeah, the background coulda been better :-/


me love that one :)

I LOVE that dress

Awwww (popular pose as you'll see soon)


she's soo pretty

yep, that's Hannah :) the violinist and she's SOOO good!!

I LOVE that one


:) I wish I did more, but hopefully in May I'll find time to do another one :D


Anonymous said...

Hannah is very beautiful!

Brooke said...

Yepyep. that she is. :)