The Last 2 Scenic Pics

Here are the last two pics of my scenery. At least I THINK they're my last pics! haha Hope ya like 'em, gotta go over to my other blog and update it as well. :) Enjoy. Byeeeeeeeeeeee


Fam pics and a River-ish place

Hey y'all!!! Here's some more pics of our trip..... I think I'm almost done posting them haha, enjoy (:

                                                    Me and my daddy (:

The outlet going out toward the lake

The other area

At the Mackinack Bridge (:


Fall Trip

Hey!! So just recently (last Friday, Saturday,and Sunday) we went on a 'color' trip. We went up north to see all the colors. We started at Chicago and worked our way up through Wisconsin all the way to Tehquamenon Falls and then to the farthest north we've all been.... Whitefish Point where the Edmund Fitzgerald museum is. :D we didn't have enough money to go through the museum though. :-/ Oh well. Anyway, after Whitefish Point we went to Mackinac Island and crossed the Bridge. It was so much fun! After Mackinac we went all the was down the edge of Lake Michigan and also stayed the night at my grandparents in Scotville. After visiting with them we headed back home,  so here are some pics!


Upper Falls





Lower Falls




Near the Upper Falls



Some New Pics of Charity

Hey!! In the midst of all my business with school, I found time to post on here!!! How awesome is that?!?!?! haha =D So, I was looking through my pics of the photo shoots and found some pics that I completely forgot to edit!!!! I know, bad me, huh? :P Anyway, here they are. They're not as good as the others, but I still like these pics :) tell me what ya think!! =)

Why so serious??? ;) :P


I absolutely LOVE this pic!!! It came out marvelous!!! the editing, that is :) No, her feet are not like that, she was crossing them and about to do a curtsy. :)

Cuteness. my other fav.. look at how her dress is!!!! SOOO awesome!!

Awww. and That's it for now!! Ttyl! :D


Some new Pics

Hey!! Told you I'd still post!! So here's some new pics that I edited. :)Hope ya like em!! Gotta go!

Me likes this pic :P

I like both of those :)


My Dressy Pics

hey!! The last of them all :( I know... bummer :-/ Oh well.. this batch is mine :) Thank you Mrs. Strickland and Hannah for taking pictures of me :) Love ya both!!! Thank you Issy for letting us wear your dresses ;) =D Love ya too! :D Soo, here they are, hope ya enjoy them as much as I enjoyed having my pictures taken haha :P I also hope you enjoyed all the pics I posted as much as I enjoyed putting them up and showing off my work! :D <3>!

LOVE that dress, no, the rose wasn't real :( haha

Surprisingly, it wasn't soo hot that day! Or should I say morning? it was quite cool!

Haha! Yeah, that's the dress that Hannah wore :) It looked better on her I think :) She was taken the pics... boy did we have fun!!!


We were both soo tired (these were taken like at 12 something I think at night!!!) and it was SOOO hard to keep a straight face!!!!

I think my fav one!! =D

Scratch that.. this one is my fav! After smelling the 'roses' I got a really good whiff of dust so Hannah was crackin up because i felt like sneezing!!!

Hope ya liked them!!! =D I'll try to post something now and then :) Today we're supposed to go somewhere and see some fall stuff so, maybe I'll post scenery soon!! Idk, we'll see


Krista Photo Shoot!!! :D

Now for one of the prettiest girls in the whole wide world!!!! :D My Best friend forever! <3> I love her so much (like a sis) and miss her ALOT!!! here's your pics Kristi and I can't wait to see you in May either!!!!

My twin <3> :D

Told ya it was a popular pose.... they were all praying for us to stay in TX! :D haha


Did that pose hurt, Krista??? I think you told me it did :-/ Sowwy.... I know you still love me though :P

One of my favs! :D

(no green chair, Krista ;) ) :D I LOVE that dress

that was a fun pose :D


Looks like she doesn't wanna look at me and is laughing at someone (to tell the truth.... she can NEVER keep a straight face so you can guess at how much fun we had! haha she also couldn't help but laugh sometimes haha)

One of my favs.... I can tell you were holding in a laugh :P Was I THAT funny lookin??

One of the best (I bet you were thinking "when is she gonna finish??" haha)

Yep... that's innocent Krista.... doesn't she look sooo innocent in that pic???? haha

I can't believe you weren't laughing... although, I have a pic of you in that same position and trying soo hard not to laugh haha

I LOVE that pic, that dress, and that girl!!!

Pretty pretty pretty

I'm gonna have to claim that one as my fav! :)

HAHA!!! That brings back memories! Krista was being sooo difficult in that one! I love ya Kristi <3

:) another fav!

I think I pick the best ending pics! Haha I LOVE YA KRISTA!!!! Thanks for being one of my 'subjects' haha :)