Fall Trip

Hey!! So just recently (last Friday, Saturday,and Sunday) we went on a 'color' trip. We went up north to see all the colors. We started at Chicago and worked our way up through Wisconsin all the way to Tehquamenon Falls and then to the farthest north we've all been.... Whitefish Point where the Edmund Fitzgerald museum is. :D we didn't have enough money to go through the museum though. :-/ Oh well. Anyway, after Whitefish Point we went to Mackinac Island and crossed the Bridge. It was so much fun! After Mackinac we went all the was down the edge of Lake Michigan and also stayed the night at my grandparents in Scotville. After visiting with them we headed back home,  so here are some pics!


Upper Falls





Lower Falls




Near the Upper Falls



Anonymous said...

Great job Brooke!! =) Loved them all!

Brooke said...

Thanks Sarah!!! Me too haha :P :D