Krista Photo Shoot!!! :D

Now for one of the prettiest girls in the whole wide world!!!! :D My Best friend forever! <3> I love her so much (like a sis) and miss her ALOT!!! here's your pics Kristi and I can't wait to see you in May either!!!!

My twin <3> :D

Told ya it was a popular pose.... they were all praying for us to stay in TX! :D haha


Did that pose hurt, Krista??? I think you told me it did :-/ Sowwy.... I know you still love me though :P

One of my favs! :D

(no green chair, Krista ;) ) :D I LOVE that dress

that was a fun pose :D


Looks like she doesn't wanna look at me and is laughing at someone (to tell the truth.... she can NEVER keep a straight face so you can guess at how much fun we had! haha she also couldn't help but laugh sometimes haha)

One of my favs.... I can tell you were holding in a laugh :P Was I THAT funny lookin??

One of the best (I bet you were thinking "when is she gonna finish??" haha)

Yep... that's innocent Krista.... doesn't she look sooo innocent in that pic???? haha

I can't believe you weren't laughing... although, I have a pic of you in that same position and trying soo hard not to laugh haha

I LOVE that pic, that dress, and that girl!!!

Pretty pretty pretty

I'm gonna have to claim that one as my fav! :)

HAHA!!! That brings back memories! Krista was being sooo difficult in that one! I love ya Kristi <3

:) another fav!

I think I pick the best ending pics! Haha I LOVE YA KRISTA!!!! Thanks for being one of my 'subjects' haha :)

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Good job! =)