My Dressy Pics

hey!! The last of them all :( I know... bummer :-/ Oh well.. this batch is mine :) Thank you Mrs. Strickland and Hannah for taking pictures of me :) Love ya both!!! Thank you Issy for letting us wear your dresses ;) =D Love ya too! :D Soo, here they are, hope ya enjoy them as much as I enjoyed having my pictures taken haha :P I also hope you enjoyed all the pics I posted as much as I enjoyed putting them up and showing off my work! :D <3>!

LOVE that dress, no, the rose wasn't real :( haha

Surprisingly, it wasn't soo hot that day! Or should I say morning? it was quite cool!

Haha! Yeah, that's the dress that Hannah wore :) It looked better on her I think :) She was taken the pics... boy did we have fun!!!


We were both soo tired (these were taken like at 12 something I think at night!!!) and it was SOOO hard to keep a straight face!!!!

I think my fav one!! =D

Scratch that.. this one is my fav! After smelling the 'roses' I got a really good whiff of dust so Hannah was crackin up because i felt like sneezing!!!

Hope ya liked them!!! =D I'll try to post something now and then :) Today we're supposed to go somewhere and see some fall stuff so, maybe I'll post scenery soon!! Idk, we'll see


Anonymous said...

Good job! I like them! =)

Lakota said...

brooke! i love your dresses! you are georgous!!! such beautiful pictures!!!!!

Brooke said...

Thanks, glad ya like em! :)
Thanks... I think you're more gorgeous though :P oh and, the dresses weren't mine, they are Hannah's older sister's

Strickland Family said...

:D love the dresses :P

Brooke said...

Lol, yeah, look familiar?? :P