Some New Pics of Charity

Hey!! In the midst of all my business with school, I found time to post on here!!! How awesome is that?!?!?! haha =D So, I was looking through my pics of the photo shoots and found some pics that I completely forgot to edit!!!! I know, bad me, huh? :P Anyway, here they are. They're not as good as the others, but I still like these pics :) tell me what ya think!! =)

Why so serious??? ;) :P


I absolutely LOVE this pic!!! It came out marvelous!!! the editing, that is :) No, her feet are not like that, she was crossing them and about to do a curtsy. :)

Cuteness. my other fav.. look at how her dress is!!!! SOOO awesome!!

Awww. and That's it for now!! Ttyl! :D

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