Editing to Pass Time..... :)

Remember a few weeks ago I posted pics of Hannah and Charity and their photo shoots??? Sure ya do. :P anyway, i found some more 'extras' of theirs and decided to have some fun. :D Aaaaaand i was bored. :P Sooooo, tell me what ya think, please. :D

lol.... i love you Hannah, really i do :D

I love this one. :D

My princess :D:D:D:D I luv you sooo much Charity

LOVE LOVE this one!!!! :D:D:D:D she makes me smile ALOT. :D

She learned form the best.... :D *clears throat* moi. :P My fav!

Soooo adorable.

The pic says it all. :D
And she is NOT an angel when she actually does this, trust me. But i luv her
And her laugh is very contagious!!! :D

Mmmhmmm. <3> :D


I luv this one!!!!!

My lil girl


My gorgeous lil girl

hope you enjoyed!!!



Here are the results of my boredom. :) For another photography site that I'm part of we had an assignment of boardgames, so i decided to put em on here also. :) enjoy!! :D

The year i graduate :D:D

My fav :)

Another fav... my fav number is 5. :D

My fav of the boardgames. :D

Another fav

5 and 5 :D

Cleaning boredom..... :P

lol... don't let Brooke Hamelund have a camera when cleaning :P

My bro came in when i found my scarfs :P jkjk
I just couldn't resist putting em all on and the brown one slipped on just like that :P


New Pics.... Again :D

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I'm soo excited today... Idk why. I got my hair cut, painted my toe nails purple, and now I'm just relaxing listening to Celtic Woman's song "The Butterfly"... awesome fiddling. :D Anyway, here' some pics of my beautiful big sis. :D:D:D:D Have a great day. :)

Which one do y'all like better??? B&W or......

Sepia or.......

Color???? I think I liked Sepia better.

:) I wonder what she's thinking about........

Great pic of her... :D:D:D Love ya, Sissy.


Some Other Recents

Okay, I know I already posted today, buuuuuuuttttt I wanted to post these. :D Okay, they are a little crazy because they're of Charity's FEET!!! :P They turned out pretty good though. :P I love the dress that she was wearing. :D Made the picture more princessy. :P

Love this one

I think my very favorite. :D