Alex Pics....

Here are Alex's pics, like I promised. :D Alex is the one who took Bek's awesome pics. :D Great job, cuz. :) And my partner/big sis did his pictures... isn't she awesome????? (yes, you're awesome too, Alex :P).
Tell me what ya think, please. :) Have a great day!! :D

This one was one of my favs. :)

Love this one :P

Can't ya tell I love b&w??? Love this pic :D

Making shapes outta the clouds, Alex??? That's a fun game :P ;)

I LOVE this one :D

B&w or....


This is another awesome pic. :D

What is with RF's poses, making everyone NOT look at the camera????
They're just awesome poses... that's why. :) Love this pic. =)

I think this one or....
this one (same pic, just has lettering) is my ABSOLUTE FAV!!!

2nd Fav. :D

Looks like you're really mad here. :P

My third fav along with...

.... This one. :D:D Great pics, cuz and sis. Love ya both! <3


Alex said...

hey brooke, when do i get my pic on ur sidebar thingy??? ;P

Brooke said...

NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P jk. Just did it. I should delete it and make you beg :P