Some New Ones... :D

Howdy!!!! :D:D How's it going?? Good, glad to hear. I'm doing fairly well myself. :) Anyway, recently I found some 'extra' pics from awhile back which were editing material! :D Soooo.... I had fun! Tell me what ya think! Enjoy! :)

Me and my bff, Cassady. :) She's Tracy's cousin. :) Very sweet! Glad she's my bff.

5 points if you can guess what the song is!!! :D I like this one! :D

Too much reddish??? I think i should re-do the border.... idk.

My bouquet from Nate and Tracy's wedding. It was a few days after... lol. Like RF's new symbol at the bottom?

This was taken on the wedding day. :)

Julsa Metcalf.... Nate and Tracy's wedding. :)

Me luvs this one!!! :D


lol.... yeeeeaaahhh....
yes, i talk to my roses... what's it to ya???? :P


And yes i sing to my roses.... :P

I like this one for some odd reason. :P I look like I'm crying though :P Actually the sun was SUPPPPERRRRR bright!

...violets are blue, sugar is sweet and i love you. <3 :P I know, i mixed it up, oh well.
Another fav. :)

the beautiful, the gorgeous, the one and only Princess HANNAH!!!!

No.... you're even prettier than a blue rose!!!! <3 Miss ya, girly!

Soooo perty!!!! :D:D

I luv this one!! <3<3<3 my fav!!!

Me and my daddy. :)

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