Android Uploads

Howdy. :D Awhile back I got a new phone.... an Android!!!!! a super cool phone to play with and it has great quality for pictures! :D:D:D:D Here are a few results of my camera. :) {no... i didn't edit these lol}

My cousin's (Sara) lil girl, Faith. :) Ain't she a cutie?

'scuz my messy room lol. I love that 'new' outift!! :D

hehehe :P ma and I were at Wally World gassin' up and I was bored. :P

Had a bad hair day :P My new shirt!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D (now u know what it looks like, Kris)

Me like this pic. :) My hair was slightly curly because the night before I put it in a braid when it was wet and went to sleep with it like that :)

Running around with the fam... I was bored again :P I like this one tho
hehe :P I like this one too :P

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