Nathan and Tracy Recents

After looking through files for pictures to edit I finally landed on these of Nathan and Tracy- my brother and his wife. :D I hope you enjoy, I know I posted a couple of these before, but I re-edited them. :) Ennnnnjjoooyyyyssssss :D



 {a lighter b&w}


Anonymous said...

Okay..hmm.. I LOVE the shoes photo too! ;)

I like the one where they are swinging around - B&W :)
I like the desaturated version of him leaning on her shoulder....
I like the looking off/hug one.. in color :)
And I love Number 3, where they're looking at each other, and her bag says " I <3 my soldier :)

Awesome job :)

Brooke said...

thnx rachel :) I like all those too!!! I cant even pick a fav lol.