Bekah New Pics

I'm on a posting roll today. :P This is my last post for today though. My oldest sister/RF partner (Bekah) recently asked me to edit some of her pics... here are the results. I didn't take the pics though.... there's a lil problem with distance :P She took a few of these pics and one of our friends/sisters took the others. Hope you enjoyed all the pics today! :P :D byeeeeesssss (:

one of my personal favs. :D I have a beautiful big sis. *heart*

she took this pic and the pic above. (: beautiful sis. :D

Our friend/sister took the rest of these. I really like this one, probably my absolute fav. :D

pertyness :D:D:D:D

she has the best pics to put captions like these on them... :P

Same as above but without lettering.

I like this one... alot :D

I liked it better sideways, so I kept it like that.

I think this is my 2nd fav!! :D

And that was MY beautiful big sister's pics. (: *heart*


Bekah said...

Sweet Bazooka, you are such an awesome editer! Here come some more pics!! :P

Brooke said...

awwww thanks. (: you're not that bad yourself (:

tinydrochak7 said...

Haha...Bekah ur sooo pretty :)