Brooke New Pics

Wow, 2 posts in one day!! I wasn't even planning on posting these today, but I'm really bored. :P and I'm trying to catch up lol. Recently I gave myself a new photo shoot so I could have some updated pics of me and to experiment with new pose ideas I had. (: I already showed some of my friends, and it occurred to me that I should show y'all. :P Let me know what you think of these (: ennnjjjoooyyyyy

I colored my shirt a different color.... look good??? I LOVE that color!! :D this is my fav pic, btw. (:

I was fashioning black in this shoot part. Black tank top, black bracelets, black ear rings. I actually like black.... weird, I know :P

One of my favs, except it's kinda blurry and the coloring is kinda bright lol. Love my hair effect!!! exactly what I was planning. :D

My absolute fav of the shoot!!!! :D

another fav. (: I'm so happy with the hair experiment. (:

This one's good. (:

I like this one, except I didn't move my arm quick enough :P still turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself... :P

I like this one :D:D

hahaha 2nd fav :P

b&w!! :D:D:D

I was laughing here... :P

my fav of this shoot. (There were 2 shoots. The black tank shoot and the different color tank shoot :D)

ehhh, don't really care for this one.... :P

I look soooo serious. Definitely not me. :P

I kinda don't like this one :P

One of my favs (:

I like this one :D

And that was my "Spring" shoot. (: Hope you liked!!! :D


Bekah said...

So gorgeous!!!!!
Btw....for the record...the ones laying down were MY idea...copycat :P

Brooke said...

aww thnx. (: and not really... i stole the idea from two of my other friends. one of them is a real photographer :P

Anonymous said...

I liked your pics! Some of them make you look like a movie star. HaHa!!!:D


Brooke said...

awwww, thanks, girlygirl (: and haha, i was told something like that too (: