Sarah Shoot

Howdy y'all!! Time for some new pics up here, methinks. (: When we were in TX for Issy's wedding, Sarah agreed to let me do a photo shoot for her. :D Sarah, Krista and I had a fun time doing this. (: Any time with my lil sisters is a fun time. :D I was the photographer, Krista was the hair dresser and over-seer, and Sarah was..... Sarah :P The goof of the bunch, as always. :P Love ya, Miss Lido. Thanks for letting me do your pics and I hope you like them :D Love and miss you and Krista. *heart*

Thinking to herself "what did I get myself in to?" :P (these pics are backwards, btw. this is the last one :P)

That's Sarah for you. :P

and again..... :P

There's a smile! :D

One of my absolute favs :D

ABSOLUTE fav!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D Love the colors... that's so Sarah for you. (:

Pretty girl!

I've got a pretty lil sis! :D

Looks like she's sleeping :P

and again.... just different angle

haha what a look :P

she's like "whoooaaa" :P

pretty little girl. (:

looks kinda sideways, huh?? :P oh well, turned out pretty well, if I may say so myself! :D

Kinda bright.... oh well. :D

mmm, coulda positioned her a lil better....

my 2nd fav!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

pretty sis

And that was Miss Sarah Hallman's photos. :D hope you liked. Leave a comment! (:

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