Josh Senior Pics Take 2

And here are the rest of Josh's senior pics. He was being quite a snot during this shoot, so they didn't turn out as well :P *sigh* brothers.... lol. anyway, enjoy :D

fake smile...

one of my favs

I think this is my fav :D

My fav not as senior pic tho (:


Josh Senior Shoot

Howdy there. :D so, recently, Josh and I did a photo shoot together. (he's my bro, btw.) Mom asked me to do his senior pictures, so I did. More will come after we get his dressy ones done. I'll post my pictures later.... so enjoy :D

one of my favs

he's not smiling right :-/

too dark :P

fav.... probably :D

hahaha, he's trying not to laugh :P

this one is my absolute fav :D

more coming soon (: