New photo shoot means........ new pics!! :D {part2}

So, here is the second half of our sister shoot; this time it's Bek's individual shots :D I'll upload the pics of us together later. She's so beautiful! :D *heart* Sissy (:

All of these aren't in any specific order, by the way. I love this one :D

She looks like a lost cowgirl... haha

LOVE this one :D


pertiness :D

love this one (:

love that smile... :P

focused b&w

unfocused color and not tilted (:

love this one... is it too dark, though?


I so love this one :D

This could be a CD cover.... :D :P

She's going somewhere and she's quite determined about it lol

I really like this one... ALOT

loooovvveee this one :D the smile adds so much :D

So serious.... :P

Really like the faded color in this one


Waiting for her cowboy... (:

I really like this one. Don't really care for the dark edges, but the sharpness in it is awesome :D

this one's ok...

I LOVE this one!!!! The focus is great! :D

Another fav :D

Love the color in this :D

Kinda like this one :D

Too dark, methinks....

Love the focus :D

One of my favs :D

Another fav, but Bekah.... you need to learn how to smile :P

Probably my fav :D

She's going somewhere again :P

Dancing (:

I reallyreallyreallyreallyreaaaalllyyyy like this one :D

And I hope you enjoyed Bek's and my individual shots of our shoot.... the other pics will come soon (:

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tinydrochak7 said...

Brooke......to correct u....u do bite. and u bite hard. hahhaha <3 u :)