New photo shoot means..... New pics :D

So, I'm gonna post the pics of me first, then I'll post the pics of my gorgeous sissy (: If you didn't know... Bek, the other RF photographer, visited me a few months back (: we had a blast in our sister photo shoot :D here's the results :D hope you enjoy and lemme know what ya think :D:D

jumping :D btw, these are completely backwards... this pic was near the end of our photo shoot lol

so, I was twirling on a pole at the playground we were at, and when I let go, I couldn't stop twirling lol. here's the results of after I fell down :P

I like this one :D and yes, it is sideways :-/

I love this one :D

my fav (:

laughing :P

haha long story behind this pose and some things are best left between sisters ;)

twirling.... :D

looks like I'm talking to someone..... my imaginary bf ;)

haha I don't really like this one :P

Ii like this one though :D

so serious.....

much better.... there's a smile :D

"enough with the pics!!!" :P


laughing :D

this one has to be one of my absolute favs :D

I really like this one :D:D

lol, this one's ok.... I think I should take off the dark edges.... whaddya think?

being a brat to my sis :P


I like this one :D

and this one :D

one of my favs :D

and I think this is my absolute fav :D

I look like I was upset with her :P honestly, I wasn't :P

I don't know what I was lookin at.... :P

I look sad.... lol

I like-a dis one :D

I like this one too :D

fake smile :P

sideways, sowwy. I like this one though :D

so serious again

there's a smile :D

getting better :D

there we go!!! :D

I reallyreallyreallyreally like this one (:

meh, I don't llike this one :-/

I like this one :D

haha, looks like I have a lazy eye... lol

and that's the end.... well, beginning, because this pic was at the beginning.... you get the idea :P hope you liked and lemme know what y'all thought (:


Amanda said...

Great Pics Brooke! Looking at your pics always gives me lots of good ideas! ;) Good to know there are other people out there that like to take ALOT of pictures like me!!!
Love 'em! -Amanda Snodderly

Brooke said...

Aww thank you, Amanda (: Although, I can't take full credit over these pictures and poses... the other RF photographer, Rebekah, did these poses and pictures (: But I'm glad you loved them :D