Brooke Senior Pics

So yeah, my Senior pics are reallll early, but this was the only time my sister could do them..... so, better early than never, right? ;D Bek took the pics and I edited, be sure to tell me which was your fav! (: Enjoy!

I really like this effect (: 

The only time I look graceful ;P 

one of my top 5 

Again, top 5 (: 

Probably fav :P 

love the color here (: 

"ha ha, you can't go in there, just TRY and get past me..... go ahead" ;D 

not really Senior pics, but still fun... ;) hey, I swung on a willow tree for the first time in my life... and in heels!! booyah! 

loving my shoes here ;D 

my parent's fav (: 

another fav along with the one right below here (: