Fall Fotos 2011

So, every year since we moved up north (in 2010), my family and I take a lil color tour on Columbus Day Weekend in October. In 2010, we traveled to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to see the Tahquamenon Falls (Lower and Upper, you can see the pics here). Then last year, we went up to Eagle Harbor… which is super north in Michigan, so north that I lost cellphone reception! Death! ;D I’ve been moving around shoots/random pictures around this page and realized that I never posted pics from Eagle Harbor trip!! So, here they are! (: Since it’s fall, I though y’all might wanna see some leaves changing colors (: I’ll be posting the pictures of this year’s trip to Sault St. Marie shortly after we get back (: Enjoy! (:


Steven Drochak

So, Friday night I had the priveledge of giving Jadyn's lil bro, Steven, a photo shoot. (: Here are the results, be sure to leave give some feedback! (: Oh, and lemme know what you think of the new logo... stay or no?


{sorry it's sideways}