A Day at the Park

Hi! This is Rebekah... I haven't posted here in awhile (although I have been taking lots of photos, trust me!), so I figured it was high time I contributed more!

Recently I hung out with some new friends, Kaitlyn and Katie. We spent the morning playing at the park and having a great time! Here are some photos from our day at the park.

Before the park, at Target trying on hats. From left to right, me, Kaitlyn, and Katie.

Yours truly.

Swing tag!

Two color options on a shot of Kaitlyn looking through her feet.

A few different color options on Katie

Never too old to swing!
Tag, you're it!

Beautiful Kaitlyn

I just love her eyes!!

Beautiful Katie

What a classic smile!

Looking thoughtfully into the distance (or the soccer field...)

Playing and splashing in the water!

P.S. Thanks, Brooke, for editing them for me when I was being lazy. :D

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