Daniel Strickland & Sara Boling

Since I took like over 200 pictures of these two nutcases lol, I will be doing two separate blog posts lol.. and that's also why it's taken so long to post these! I finally finished editing :D So yeah, here are the pics from Daniel and Sara's photo shoot... not an engagement shoot, just fyi lol. Enjoy and leave some feedback (: I had sooo much fun doing their pics :D
**These, along with Nathan & Tracy's pics, are under the page tab here. Be sure to check em all out (:**


Nathan and Tracy Hamelund Part 2

I'm way behind on posting/uploading tonnss of pics, so I decided to dedicate this day to pictures lol. Here's the rest of Nathan & Tracy's pics (: Next photo shoot I'll be posting is of Daniel & Sara... not engagments lol Stay tuned! (:

One of my favs (: 

 another absolute fav!