My most recent purchase (:

So, I just made one of the best camera purchases yet!!! (: Finally...... a camera bag!!!! (:  Soooo happy. I've been using a German purse type bag I got last March/April when I was in Germany lol. Since I have a cleaning job, I get money every week now.. had dad order it for me and am now paying him back (: Ohhh, and I forgot to mention, I also bought an 8gb memory card last week... much better than a 2gb, and it's always nice to have two memory cards (: Next purchase? A remote... something like this not exactly that because the range is terrible on that one haha (: Check out the new bag!! (:
I LOVE all the pockets! :D and the dividers for my lenses (:
It's a really big bag haha, which is nice for future photography supplies

And it has a tripod strap!! :D Much easier than hauling around the tripod all the time haha... also has a shoulder strap, I just didn't post that pic haha

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Bekah said...

Nice bag!!! I do have to say though, there have been plenty of times when my camera bag, barely bigger than the camera, has been almost too big to be comfortable when traveling or walking. In the future, when you are a successful and famous photographer (I'll still get free photos, right? wink wink), you might end up with 2 or 3 bags to switch out for different occasions, huh?