Redheads and Cameras

Y'all! I have a twin! (: I've known Samantha and Moriah Estes since we were about 6 or 7 yrs old. Both of our dads are in the Army and our families were stationed at Ft. Hood at the same time. A tour is usually 3 yrs so when their tour was up and they moved on we didn't stay in contact (sad face) About 5 yrs ago I found their address in a directory and decided to write to them... and we've been reunited since. And since then Sam and I have figured out that we are twins separated at birth. Her bday is the end of November and mine is the end of October... coincidence?? We think not. So anyway, in July we finally managed to spend a week together with me going down to Kentucky and of course... pictures were taken (: Enjoy! {Click pictures to make them clear}
 Moriah to the left, Sam on the right.


 Me and my gorgeous twin.

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